regattas and competitions

A regatta is a full day of competitive races held rain or shine. Races usually begin around 8:30 am and finish about 4:30 pm or possibly later if there are delays due to thunderstorms or other unforeseen events. Most paddlers will compete in anywhere from 2-8 races over the course of the day usually against others their own age, with lots of other races to watch in-between! Races can be singles (K-1 or C-1), team boats (K-2 or K-4, C-2 or C-4) or even war canoe (also known as C-15).

The coach will let the paddlers know which races they have been entered in, usually by providing a copy of the race “draw” (or schedule) a few days prior to the regatta. It’s important to carefully review the draw so you know which races the paddler is scheduled to compete in.

Typically the club boats are loaded onto the trailer the evening before the regatta and all paddlers are expected to help out. Usually arrival at the regatta course should be planned for 60-90 minutes prior to the first race of the day in order for the trailer to be unloaded and the club site set-up (RHCC has several tent canopies that are used at each regatta). The coach will let you know the time to arrive for a particular regatta but be prepared to be there as early as 7 am to assist with unloading and set-up.

The coach will also let you know prior to the regatta what time you should check in with her prior to your first race, typically at least 1 hour beforehand.

At the end of the day, all paddlers help in re-loading the trailer (this means even if your last race was several hours before, you are expected to wait with the rest of the team members until everyone has completed their races). Once the trailer is reloaded, all paddlers meet back at the RHCC clubhouse to unload the trailer after the regatta.

Why participate in a regatta?

Although regattas are a full day commitment (typically 7 am-7 pm), they are a fun and social time for paddlers and their families. It gives the paddlers a chance to measure themselves against other paddlers and gives daily training a real purpose.


RHCC is expected to supply volunteers in half-day shifts to help run every regatta. Parents are asked to assist with motorboat driving (boat operator’s license required), spotting from a motorboat, as well as a variety of positions on land such as Assistant Starter, Line Judge, Results Runner etc. Volunteers will be asked to sign up for various positions in advance of the event, so please volunteer and help each regatta to run successfully!