The Novice Coached Masters program is designed for paddlers who have completed our Adult Introductory Program or have previous experience with recreational paddling and understand the basic paddling techniques. This program is a prerequisite to the Advance Coached Masters Program. 

Novice Coached Masters will be new to the sprint boats and will progress as the basics are mastered. The coaching for Novice Coached Masters provides significant oversight and hands-on training. 

This program is for individuals who desire to be physically active and are in the ACTIVE FOR LIFE stage goal is 150 of activity per week, 10 percent of which should be higher intensity. This group in non-competitive.

Novice Coached Masters meet twice a week for two hours from May 18 through to October 31, weather permitting.

All RHCC programs require swimming ability: swim 75m without a life jacket or aid, and tread water for 1.5 minutes.


May 18 – October 31



Wednesday: 6:30 – 8:30pm

Saturday: 9:00 – 11:00am


Wednesday: 6:15 – 8:15pm
Saturday: 9:00 – 11:00am


What to expect

  • Become proficient in the basic aspects of paddling and as such will spend the appropriate amount of time in stable boats and progress to less stable “racing” style boats at their own pace 
  • Will gradually learn to feel comfortable in racing boats, practice the technique of sprint paddling and will learn aspects of racing including participating in “intra-club” races 
  • All participants are expected to work within the team dynamic as per the session coaches’ direction
  • A dedicated Coach on the water is CanoeKayak Canada CKC certified, and the club adheres to a 1:8 instructor to participant ratio. 
  • 2 hours on water sessions include the time to take out and put away equipment and some on-land instructions 
  • The Masters Coach will determine when paddlers are ready to join higher skilled group-Advance Coached Masters {likely after a full year at this level) 
  • There will be ongoing evaluation of skill level throughout the program 
  • This group is non-competitive
  • All RHCC programs are led by qualified coaches
  • All equipment is provided 
  • All coached programs will have a two-week vacation from August 22 to September 5 


  • Acquisition of kayaking skills for boat control, balance and propulsion
  • Enjoyment and understanding of the sport of kayaking Development of speed and stability sufficient to join the next level Coached Masters’ group, if desired
  • Support of personal fitness goals and life long active participation in sports (Active for Life)


  • All lessons take place on Lake Wilcox and are taught with a -focus on safety, skill development, and fun
  • Consists of on and off water practices
  • Training takes place from the end of May to October
  • Athletes are encouraged to continue with dryland training in the Winter Program which includes cross country skiing and strength & conditioning sessions 

Frequently Asked Questions

The name and contact information for your coach will be provided to you prior to the first class by email. Coaches are experienced paddlers who have coaching certification and a passion for introducing others to the sport. 

Your coach is the person to contact for all matters related to the program, including severe weather cancellations (thunder and lightning) as well as questions about lessons, equipment or clothing.  As a courtesy, you can let your coach know if you are planning to be absent from a lesson.

Richmond Hill Canoe Club is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our members as well as our community at large during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It will make every effort to implement the restrictions and precautionary measures issued by our provincial government, Health Canada and Canoe Kayak Canada.  

This includes:

  1. Self-screening  
  2. Physical distancing
  3. Hand sanitizing
  4. Sanitizing of surfaces and shared equipment – boats, paddles and life jackets/PFDs

The change room at the club remains closed to everyone.  You should change at home and arrive at the club ready to paddle.  You can change your footwear at the club.  

Your wallet, phone and other valuables are best left in your car or at home.  You can bring a small bag for your keys, footwear, towel, etc to leave outside the club house.  There is no safety box or direct supervision of personal belongings. 

The nearest washrooms are located at the Lake Wilcox Park.  There is no portable toilet at the club this summer. 

The Richmond Hill Canoe Club is located at the eastern end of Lake Wilcox in Oak Ridges, off Bayview and North Lake Road. Please check the map here.

Four parking areas can be accessed off Bayview:  the closest is a large gravel lot off Olde Bayview Avenue (turn on North Lake Road from Bayview), at the Lake Wilcox Park (at Bethesda and Bayview) and two lots at the Oak Ridges Community Centre.  These parking lots are now designated as PAY PARKING with meters at each lot.  More info at:

Residents of the City of Richmond HIll can obtain a free parking pass.  More info and parking passes at:

Wear clothes that let you move and sit comfortably and are made of quick-drying fabrics, such as nylon, polyester or other synthetic fabric. Activewear for the gym or yoga will also work for kayaking and canoeing. Avoid cotton (ie jeans) because it absorbs water and stays wet. 

Lessons will proceed rain or shine, so please wear clothing which is appropriate for the forecasted weather conditions.  We recommend that you dress in layers if it’s cool – ie nylon windbreaker over a short or long sleeved top. 

A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen will protect you from the sun and glare off the water. 

Regular shoes cannot be worn in the boats.  Bare feet, ‘socks’ (normal or made of wetsuit material) or water shoes with pliable soles are acceptable.  

Bring a spare change of clothing and a towel with you.  Even when your boat stays upright for the entire lesson, you will get wet from the water coming off the paddle.

The club will provide you with sanitized equipment:  kayak or canoe, a paddle and a life jacket.  

You can bring:

  • Your personal life jacket or PFD if you prefer. 
  • A water bottle, especially if the weather is warm.  Most people leave their water bottles on shore but you can bring it into your kayak or canoe. 
  • A small bottle of hand sanitizer for your personal use.

You will be on the water and paddling for about 75-90 minutes of your lessons.  Kayaking and canoeing activate all muscles of the body for paddling and maintaining balance.  Please consider your current level of physical fitness and consult with your physician if you have any ongoing medical conditions or have questions about your readiness for active physical participation. 

Please note that the Richmond Hill Canoe Club is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our members and community at large during the Covid-19 pandemic. It will make all efforts to implement the restrictions and precautionary measures issued by our provincial government, Health Canada and Canoe Kayak Canada.

This includes:

– Self-screening           – Physical distancing           – Hand sanitizing

– Sanitizing of surfaces and shared equipment (boats, paddles and life jackets/PFDs)