RHCC got a New Dock!

The Richmond Hill Canoe Club has purchased a beautiful new dock this season! As many of our wooden pallets were showing signs of wear and rot, there were only enough suitable ones to create one dock.

After looking at several options, it was determined that a CanDock system would best serve the needs of our club. 

Our new dock:

  • will not require upkeep
  • is very stable
  • is safer, as there are no gaps
  • is easy to take apart (although it can also be left in over the winter)
  • can be easily lengthened or widened should we wish to
  • is somewhat self-cleaning with the rain, as it is slightly domed
  • is textured for good traction
  • will last for many, many years.

A huge thank you to Ram for all his help with the installation and for creating the “bridge” from wood to plastic!

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