Regardless of the season, all paddlers under 16 years old are required to wear a PFD or life jacket when on the water.  PFDs are provided by the club or can be purchased in the sports stores. Feel free to speak to the coaches regarding most suitable PFD. 


Wearing comfortable clothing…. In the early spring and late fall, paddling can be lots of fun but cold! There are several items that can make it more comfortable – compression clothing is recommended as a base layer. Several lightweight layers are more effective in cold weather than 1 or 2 heavy layers.

Cap or Hat

Protecting your head and your eyes is very important. In the summer, a good quality synthetic ball cap with a long bill is good for sun protection. In the spring & fall, a lightweight synthetic running tuque or other similar hat works well to keep you warm.


The sun’s rays are amplified while on the water and can damage your eyes very quickly. A pair of high-quality sunglasses that provide UVB and UVA protection is highly recommended.

Paddling Socks

Due to the delicacy of the hulls of racing kayaks and canoes, regular running shoes or even water shoes, should not be worn in the boats. In warm weather bare feet are the best option. On colder days neoprene paddling socks or a wool hiking socks will help to keep your feet warm. The cotton is not recommended as it has no insulating properties.