Racing development PROGRAM

Racing Development Program is designed for beginners and experienced paddlers 10+ years old and introduces youth to the sport of sprint canoeing and kayaking. Participants will learn to paddle singles (K1, C1), doubles (K2, C2), fours (K4, C4), and War Canoe (C15).
RD group meets 5 days a week, with an option of 3 days per week for younger members, and is led by one of Assistant Coaches.

All athletes are encouraged to compete in several local Regattas

Summer Session FEES

5 days a week – $700.00

3 days a week – $480.00

Regatta and race entry fees are invoiced at the end of the racing season.

There is no mandatory volunteering requirement for RD, however any contribution is welcomed.


  • On-water training starts in May and continues through September (early October)
  • Starting in July, there are 5 practices per week (3 practices per week for new paddlers)
  • Winter program runs from October to May 
  • The Head Coach will determine when paddlers are ready to join the higher skilled groups
  • NOTE: There is a 2-3 week break from training after Nationals in late August. 


On-water training starts in May and continues through September (early October). 

Winter session is October to April.

May, June, September & October

Tuesday, Thursday
6-7:30 pm


11-12:30 am


Monday – Thursday
5-6:30 pm

11 am-1 pm