volunteer information

As a non-for-profit organization, Richmond Hill Canoe Club highly rely on all members and families involvement to keep the Club running and promote the sport and the healthy life style.

There are plenty of different volunteer opportunities for all skills and experiences –
please choose from the list below what most appeal to you.

volunteer hours

Each member /
family is to contribute

Please contribute 15+ hours of your time helping our club and promoting the sport.

Volunteer Opportunities


  • Bingo coordinator
  • Bingo shift volunteer


  • Summer program coordinator
  • Winter program coordinator 
  • Adult Intro coordinator
  • Dragon Boat team supervisor
  • Dragon Boat scheduling coordinator


  • Social media contributor
  • Club newsletters writing
  • Website support
  • Club promotion and advertising
  • Event organizer
  • Open house support
  • Club ambassador
  • Fundraiser coordinator
  • New member liaison


  • Board position or committee
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Safety coordinator
  • Regatta volunteer shift coordinator
  • Clothing coordinator
  • Equipment coordinator
  • Race entry fee coordinator

safety BOAT, racing boats & TRUCK

  • Safety boat driver – licence required
  • Safety boat maintenance
  • Racing boat maintenance and repairs (experience required)
  • Pleasure boat and paddle maintenance and repairs
  • Truck and trailer maintenance

club house and equipment

  • Weekly safety checks of clubhouse, equipment, boats
  • Club house repairs and maintenance
  • Grounds / boat house clean up – 20-30 minute clean up once per week
  • Buoy line put in and take out

Please send us email if you have any questions rhccupdates@gmail.com